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The Binary Itinerary

Do It Yourself: Computer Repair

A project I've been hacking away at, that first inspired me into the IT world. The idea is to have a fully portable (no download/install/uninstall) tech repair kit. Many utilities currently exist that provide similar tasks. However many, if not all, still lack the specificity and/or preffered methods that Computer Technicians require when diagnosing and repairing computers. Not to mention plug and play compatibility. This is the overall goal set to be accomplished by BootLoader Disc Of Zenith Repair. (BLDZR)

MOOC Achievements

Just a few of the many achievements aquired from 100+ hours of IT and programming related courses across Udemy, Codecademy, Coursera, etc...

SkyGroup Inc:
eCommerce Manager and Programmer
March 2014 - Current

At SkyGroup I was given excellent direction and guidance to develop several skills such as managerial responsibilities, accounting, spreadsheet automation, programming, Ecommerce selling and more...

The day to day responsibilities primarily consisted of selling electronics by the pallet, through one of our online stores. Specifically this meant manifesting every item. Testing and repairing computers, tablets, phones, etc... Listing them at competitive prices online and finally recording all costs, fees and sales accrued throughout these steps. My most noteable achievements were introducing custom scripts and programs that automated large parts of the device testing. Also fully automating the process of listing items online, with their corresponding condition, for all of SkyGroups Amazon stores.

Master Technician
August 2015 - August 2016

Batteries+Bulbs was a significantly more hands on, face to face and fast paced experience. Interacting with several dozen customers a day and helping them with their various needs. My position was very much so a 'handyman' position. I replaced watch batteries, diagnosed and installed new car batteries, replaced smart phone and tablet screens/batteries. I was taught the many properties of various battery chemistries like NiCD, NiMH, Li-Ion, LiPo, Gel, AGM, etc... along with their optimal maintenance techniques and overall life expectancy.

ComputerFixx LLC:
Technician and Manager
August 2012 - June 2014

My IT career started in 2012 at a local computer repair shop, Capitol City ComputerFixx. Every day had it's unique challenges ranging from keeping up with the large demand, to performing under immense pressure. Although I learned many technical skills from these positions, the entire experience would ultimately be the spark that ignited my passion for Customer Service. Nothing beats a client's genuine appreciation and gratitude after saving the "tech" day.